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At Ribbat Global USA Inc, we redefine the efficiency and reliability of scrap metal recycling, ensuring every client experiences top-tier service and outstanding customer care.

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Discover the difference with our quick, quality-focused scrap metal solutions tailored for modern needs.

All Kinds of Scrap Export Recycling Solutions

Plastic Scrap

Recycle your Electronic Waste also known as
E Waste Recycling, with North Shore
Recycling. E-Scrap consists of discarded computers, televisions, cell phones, tablets, fax machines..

Electronic Scrap

Nonferrous metals are nonmagnetic. This type of metal is used in all types of applications, from plumbing to electrical work. Some examples are all home wiring, plumbing, aluminum..

Metal Scrap

Ferrous metal is typically referred to as steel or iron. Ferrous metal sticks to a magnet. Some examples are home appliances, bicycles, bed frames, steel sheds, even your old bathtub!..

  • All kinds of metal

We recycle all metal including ferrous and nonferrous metals. From aluminum to steel, copper to brass, we handle it all with precision and care.
  • Recycle 100 % of material

Our main focus is to recycle 100 percent of the material we purchase. We believe in minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency through our advanced recycling processes.
  • Containers

We have container service available for your steel and iron. Our containers range from 20 to 40 yard containers.
  • Box Trucks Pick up

We also offer box truck pick up for all commercial nonferrous metals. Our box truck fleet is equipped with lift gate trucks that range in size from 14 to 26 feet in length.

Indenting Services

Navigate the complexities of trade with our expert indenting services, ensuring you find the right materials at the right price.

Import Services

Streamline your import processes with our comprehensive support, from sourcing to delivery.

Explore Our Diverse Scrap Materials

Metal Scraps
We trade in a variety of metal scraps including steel, copper, and aluminum, essential for recycling and manufacturing.
Plastic Waste
Our collection of plastic scraps is sourced globally, helping reduce environmental impact and promote sustainability.
Paper Waste
We deal in bulk paper waste, providing an eco-friendly solution to paper production and consumption.
Accidental Cars

We salvage accidental cars, offering parts and materials for reuse and recycling, thus supporting environmental conservation.

Unwavering Commitment to Customer Service

At Ribbat Global, we understand the urgency of your needs. That’s why we prioritize swift and effective communication, ensuring that every inquiry is met with a rapid response. Our dedication to immediate customer service is designed to exceed your expectations, every time.

We don’t just aim for satisfaction; we guarantee it. Ribbat Global is committed to achieving 100% customer satisfaction by being attentive, responsive, and ready to assist with any of your needs regarding our comprehensive scrap metal recycling solutions.

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Ready to make a positive impact on the environment with your scrap metal? Ribbat Global is here to assist you with top-tier recycling solutions. Reach out now to learn more about how we can help you manage your scrap responsibly and efficiently.